Lisa Williams

    Nashville Metro Council District 23

As a long time resident of our city and a parent,  my family has been the core of my volunteer efforts for the past 14 years.  As I look forward and envision the Nashville I want my children and grandchildren to live in, I know we need to make some adjustments.    After reading the Nashville Next plan, it seems we aren't following the plan as it was carefully laid out.  My initial discovery of the NNP was to learn how to initiate traffic calming on my street.  Since that initial reading, I have been enjoying the publicly broadcast Metro Council and Committee meetings, on occasion attending in person.  

With the idea of pursuing a seat on our Metro council, I also sought the advice of friends across the country who work in city planning, law enforcement, stormwater management, and land development.  I learned the challenges Nashville faces are not unique but are happening at an accelerated pace in comparison.  Considering best practices we can stay ahead of the curve and keep Nashville the amazing city we all know and love while meeting the needs of our growing population.

While working as a Board Member for the Friends of Fort Nashborough, and HostelOn, both organizations affected by the Christmas Day bombing, I have learned much about the current zoning and historic renovation processes.  This has encouraged me to dive even deeper into the work of what makes Nashville, Nashville.  

As the founder of Buy Nothing Nashville, I was daily in contact with Nashvillians who are the most generous people in our city.  But often we would have requests for delivery of items due to no transportation.  This piqued my interest in our city's offerings for those who do not have access to a car or other vehicle.  And led me to learn more about the housing crisis in our city.

I bring a down-to-earth approach to finding the best solutions to our city's growth challenges.